Directional drilling is just another way Master Bore, LLC is showing its commitment to leaving as little surface damage as possible while offering a full range of underground utility services.

One of the most common uses of directional drilling is to install pipes in areas where traditional open cut construction is difficult. The entirety of the drilling process is all done underground, with the exception of the entry and exit sites of the drill bit. Even then, the amount of space needed is minimal.

Directional drilling can also be completed at a much faster pace than traditional methods because large sections don’t need to be blocked off so the ground can be dug up. This also means you don’t have to block people’s routes or disturb work that’s being done on the surface level.

Because most of the work is done underground, it also reduces the amount of permitting needed, meaning your directional drilling company can get the work done quickly and with fewer hang ups in the process.

How does directional drilling work?

There are three parts to the directional drilling process.

Drilling the initial hole

The first step in the process is to create what is called a pilot hole. At Master Bore, LLC we take special care during this initial stage in the process. We strategically place entrance and exit areas in order to cut down on the disturbance to the surface level. We also meticulously plan out the bore route, taking into consideration other underground piping and lines that already may be in place.

Widening the initial bore

This next process involves widening the initial hole created by using a reamer.

Pulling the pipe or lines through

The final stage in the process is installation. After the bore is prepped and ready, we run the piping through and ensure stability and thoroughness of job.

From start to finish our expert operators use the latest technology to monitor the drill bit every step of the way. This ensures we make directional corrections before any incident occurs, saving time and money on costly mistakes. We also take measurements as we go, so the project progress is documented, and it’s made clear we are in compliance with permits and project specifications.

Master Bore, LLC offers top-quality directional drilling services in Seattle

So let’s recap some of the benefits that come with directional drilling:

  • Minimal to no disruption of surface
  • Low environmental impact
  • Work above the ground can continue as usual
  • Underground pipe and line installation done much quicker
  • Permitting issues kept to a minimum
  • Lessen the risk of exposing contaminated soil

When it comes to directional drilling, you don’t want a company whose sole goal is to undercut everyone else and do a quick, but shoddy job. You want a company that focuses first and foremost on quality and getting the job done right the first time.

At Master Bore, LLC we also work with you to ensure rates are affordable and a reasonable job completion timeline is given. Choose us to handle your directional drilling, commercial underground utilities, and underground utility services in Seattle. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate.