Getting Familiar With Trenchless Sewer Repair

In our last blog post we covered why we think trenchless sewer repair is a good idea, full bias intended.

Now just to be clear, we’re not knocking traditional sewer repair. There is certainly a time and a place for it. However, with the increased cost of living, combined with the difficulty of maintaining your yard, especially if you have a particularly fussy HOA, trenchless sewer repair is often the better choice for most property owners.

Trenchless repairs use up-to-date techniques which are less invasive, quicker, and most importantly less expensive! We understand the process can seem kind of nebulous and unnerving. After all, how can you possible repair what’s under the ground without digging up the ground in order to get there?

In order to get you more familiar with the process of trenchless sewer repair, this blog post is going to hone in on what trenchless sewer repair is and how it works.

What Is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is all about minimizing the amount of surface work does. This means no crazy large holes in your yard, less labor, and less chance of exposing sewage bacteria to the open air.

In order to see what work needs to be done first, a specially-made camera is used to explore the pipe system. The camera itself is attached to a long, flexible rod and shows us what the problem is without having to dig deep and cut the pipe open.

From there, trenchless sewer replacement can be accomplished with a few techniques. One of which is creating small entry and exit holes — much much smaller than traditional excavation processes used to gain access to pipes — in order to obtain access to the pipes that need to be reached. Then a hydro-jetter is run through the pipes in order to clear them out. The hydro-jetter is often followed by a plumbing snake in order to ensure all obstructions are cleared out.

After the initial clearing is done, new pipe lining is used to cover the pipe walls and left to cure. After the curing is done, and the inspection is completed, the sewer pipe can be returned to service. Best of all, these jobs can be completed in as little as one day!

Master Bore, LLC. is your Seattle Trenchless Sewer Repair Expert

Now we hope that took some of the mystery out the process and gives you some insight into how trenchless sewer repair works and why you can trust it.

So perhaps you have a lovely garden you’d like to protect from highly-invasive traditional sewer repair procedures? Or maybe you’d just like to save a significant amount of money the next time your sewer lines need repair? If so, trenchless sewer repair is the way to go.

As a “Best of 2018 Winner” with HomeAdvisor, Master Bore, LLC. believes in the services we offer. If you’d like to see how trenchless sewer repair is your more efficient, more affordable, less intrusive, and environmentally friendly alternative to sewer repair, you can schedule a free estimate with us today.