At Master Bore, LLC we are your Seattle trenchless sewer repair experts. We’ve been at this a long time, and we’ve heard a lot of people’s hesitations for trying out trenchless sewer repair. This blog post is designed to alleviate some of those hesitations

So if you’re wondering whether trenchless sewer repair is the better option for you, please read the five reasons we’ve outlined below.

Five reasons for trenchless sewer repair

While there a multitude of reasons to consider trenchless sewer repair over traditional, we believe these five are some of the most important ones.

1. Trenchless sewer repair gets the job done quicker

If there’s no need to dig large trenches, that means less labor time — and also a smaller labor force. Our jobs can usually be done in one day. Traditional sewer repair jobs can take a few days or even weeks with all the work the extra work that has to be put in.

2. Trenchless sewer repair means less disruption

Whether you’re doing home or commercial sewer repair, you won’t have to worry about trenches taking up extra space. It also means a lot less yard — or in some cases, concrete — needs to be dug up to get to the area that needs repair. Plus, if you’ve got a particularly annoying HOA, the less repair work, trench digging, and workers standing around in your yard, will make things easier on you.

3. Trenchless sewer repair saves the environment

Less excavation and digging is always going to be of greater benefit to the environment. Not to mention keep the risk of property damage to a minimum. On top of that, less digging means less opportunity for contaminated soil to be brought to the surface. Contaminants are especially abundant in cities.

4. Trenchless sewer repair leaves more money in your pocket

Without those burdensome trenches to dig, labor and clean up costs are a lot lower than traditional sewer repair. Not only do you not have the pay for the labor of those who dig the hole, but you also won’t have to fork over money to a landscaper when a subpar contractor damages your yard.

5. Trenchless sewer repair is built to last

Don’t think for a moment trenchless repair techniques and materials aren’t as reliable as traditional methods. The materials and processes used in our trenchless sewer repair services are top-quality and designed to last, unlike your initial sewer install.

Do you still have more questions?

At Master Bore, LLC we take every question seriously and work with you to make sure you understand our services and how they best meet your needs.

Perhaps you still aren’t convinced of the benefits of trenchless sewer repair. Or, maybe you’d prefer to actually talk to an expert now that you actually have an idea of its benefits. If any of these are true, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.